How to move beyond your fears and create the lifestyle you really want

Escape 9-5 and live anywhere Part-2


“Mukesh once had a business that sucked his time away. It was rewarding financially, but he had to work 15 hours daily. That was a major challenge to him at the time because he wanted freedom.

After brainstorming for some time, Mukesh realized taking a year vacation in Foreign would help cool his head. But, like the majority of us, the fear of losing his business kicked in.

Because of that, he shoved away the idea of taking a year long vacation. He continued working himself out on his business, even though he disliked it. But, one day, the light bulb switched on: what would be the worst case scenario should he take the vacation, despite all odds? A lot of things may possibly go wrong — his business may crash, he may go broke in a strange country, or even more sinister things could happen.

Mukesh noted all those down. He then thought deeply about possible survival strategies. It dawned on him that he could actually make a living outside his business. Things would definitely be rough at first, but he could take a menial job and cut down on luxuries such as eating out. Not so bad.

So he took the trip. His vacation lasted 15 months, and surprisingly, his business thrived more in his absence. The moral of the story: your fears aren’t always as bad as they seem.

If you truly want to experience the New Rich lifestyle, you will have to master the art of overcoming your fears.

Is the fear of the unknown limiting you from making a major change in your life and career? Do you really want to change? If yes, pick up a pen and paper, write down all the possible worst case scenarios as well as the things you can do to overcome them.

It also helps to focus on your plan for the future. This will lead you to find inspiration. Mukesh suggests that you set high unrealistic expectations for the things you would like to be, do, and have between now and at least the next six months. After that, begin finding out ways you can bring those things to pass. Draft out a complete plan for manifesting your unrealistic expectations.

Remember, they have to be unrealistic. Keeping your goals realistic is the fastest recipe for demotivation.

While doing all these, beware of optimistic fears — the refusal to take action and change your situation in the hope that things will change by themselves overtime. For instance, the fact that your job is just uninspiring and not a living hell can be a good excuse to not act, in the hopes that things will change in the near future. This is optimistic fear. What if nothing changes after a year or two?”

“There’s no difference between a pessimist who says, 'Oh, it’s hopeless, so don’t bother doing anything,' and an optimist who says, 'Don’t bother doing anything, it’s going to turn out fine anyway.' Either way, nothing happens.” -Yvon Chouinard

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Mindset Surgery : Any rule not set in course by nature or your can be bent or broken

Escape 9-5 and live anywhere Part-1

Here’s the life cycle of a typical human: go to school, study hard, get a good job and have a family; continue working, save up for retirement then wait until you die. There is really nothing wrong with this arrangement if it’s something you enjoy. But a lot of people become disinterested few years into their jobs. They just feel like the job is sucking away their lives. They rarely have time for friends, family or any fun activities. Literally, they are stock.

Many people desire to break out of this prison, but only a few succeed at it  and it all boils down to the fear of the unknown. Who would want to lose their job if there’s no tangible hope of getting something that is better on the scales of time and freedom?

But, if you truly desire to have freedom to live the lifestyle you deserve, then I’ll explain you how it all works. The Eascape 9-5 and live anywhere is a lifestyle design that millionaire entrepreneur and podcaster, created for his personal life, and began teaching others once he successfully tested the effectiveness of his new approach to life.

Countless people all over the world have achieved the lifestyle design of their choice simply by understanding and implementing the strategies; and you’re about to join the number.

The New Rich (NR) is the name of the category of people who don’t wait for retirement to make things happen for themselves; these people have learned to defy the rules of the normal world and create a lifestyle design they enjoy. To join the NR league, you only have to start seeing things differently from others.

For the vast majority, retirement happens only when you’ve reached the age or have saved enough money to start a sustainable business. But the New Rich see things differently. They believe in creating mini retirements that enable them to cool off from work and have fun doing those things they love.

The New Rich don’t concentrate on becoming the boss or employee. Their goal is to become the owner and have others work for them.

They don’t see money as the major currency; time and mobility are.

The New Rich consider relative income above absolute income, because absolute income measures only the amount earned, whereas relative income measures the amount earned plus a more important variable: time.

If two people earn Rs.10,00,000 a year, but one is working 80-hours a week, while the other works 10-hours, who is richer? It’s definitely the latter because he has more time to explore other aspects of his life.

Join the new Rich

Similarly, Deepak who earns Rs.18,00,000 a year working 80-hour weeks is not richer than Mukesh who earns Rs.10,00,000 annually working 6-hours weekly. The goal of the New Rich is not more work, more money and less time, but to work on jobs you like, outsource some business and have the time to enjoy the life you deserve.

You will be learning all the tactics you need in my upcoming post, but it is important you understand that living life on your own terms is really possible.

Of course, it’s natural to have fears and reservations here and there, so the next thing we will treat is how you can overcome your fears.

Afterwards, we dig into eliminating the baggage that will keep you from enjoying the new lifestyle design, then we go into income automation, and finally, liberation: how you can escape your office without regrets.

“Outside of science and law, all rules can be bent or broken, and it doesn’t require being unethical.”

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What are you searching for?

  1. Everyone is searching for something in their life and we will discuss that today. myself Anubbhav, I am here with another exciting article. So let’s get started.
    Humans are the most complex structured living being. He has an amazing gift given by god i.e brain. Yeah, the brain is something that makes the human different from other living beings. The level of intelligence is too high in humans than any other living being. Due to this we also have the power to think about the purpose of our life.
target or aim

Some people believe all we have an aim, a definite purpose in our lives and we invest our whole life to find that but some not. So, what you believe? Comment down below, Let’s come to know how our audience is thinking. If you would ask me, my answer will be Yes. We all have a specific reason for living in our life. I believe there is something that we are searching for in our life.
I don’t remember when this question hit my head but for the last several years I have been searching for the answer that What is the thing that we are all searching for? In search of that, I also visited Quora and there most of the people are explaining that they are searching for pride, love, money, and much more. So I decided to find that myself and to understand that we have to understand the process of life first.


We take birth as a child. We learn how to smile, how to speak, how to sit, stand, and talk. Later we learn advanced things by going to school, from books. We learn mathematics, science and social studies to be aware of our surroundings.
In colleges, we learn to earn. All we wanted a secure job. Some people do it passionately and enjoy that job and some people just do that to earn money.
Meanwhile, a partner comes into our lives and we continued earning for what? To make a dream home that at least has all the facilities with respect to our new, modern world. After that, we started to increase our bank balance for our future expenses. We have our kids now. We retired at the age of sixty with a permanent disease.
What are the plans we have in the sixties? We wish the children, who are adults now be settled in their life, and in the end, we die.

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What is the motto of mine to remind the whole story of life? We are searching for the thing that we are searching for in our whole life and for what we are working on today. You see in the story the man works hard in his entire life and collects a big amount of money and luxuries but in the end, he gives all those things to his children. Does this is the plan of him to spend that money and luxuries in the very beginning? and if it is so. Does he find the thing what he is searching for in his entire life?

motivated and happy woman

What I get all after this discussion is that ‘happiness‘ is the thing, we are searching for. For our whole life, we are running for a thing i.e ‘happiness’. It does not change with the status of living. No matter if you are rich or you are poor, all of you are working hard to find happiness.

Only the form of happiness is changed. Like a poor man who doesn’t have food to eat he works for food and when he has enough to fill his and his family’s stomach. He feels happy. Similarly, the rich man, who is working hard to buy Jaguar. He feels happy when he gets that.
So, the ultimate goal of our life is ‘happiness’. Now, all the people around you want happiness in their life and you know that. Why can’t we become a reason for one’s happiness? Let’s start spreading happiness and make world a better place. Leave the comment about what you think about ‘ what we are searching for?’

Enjoy this mother’s day with your parents and make them feel proud


failed person sitting

Am ‘I’ born to fail? Is My life a failure?

Am I born to fail? Is my life a failure? Probably this is the most asked question of all of yours to yourself in your life if you are 20+. I have the same thought so many times in my life since I started to observe my surroundings. This is Anubhav and I am here with another exciting article so let’s get started.

I do not know about your age but if you are 20+ then there is 99% of chance that you have felt that you are born to fail. Talking about me, I too felt this in recent days. Let’s discuss why we feel like this.

Why do we feel like Failure?

There may be many reasons but for me to understand the reason let’s discuss me first. I am a BTech second-year student in the CSE department. Coding is now a part of life. Spending a day without coding is very hard for me and even this type of daily routine when I stuck to some basic problem which even a newbie can solve I hurt. I hurt so deep that it brings the situation for me to feel like I am nothing and no matter what I will do, I’ll fail. I am born to fail.

So concluding from the above instance and some of my inspection I have some points which enlight the reason behind this thought. These are the following:

  • When you work hard for anything and want something bad enough but even after doing hard work you do not get the result what you should.
  • When you compare yourself from the person belongs to your school or living area or in the family who is pretending like a successful man through his insta post, in spite of being happy you become sad from them.
  • You are working hard on a project and your boss does not give you the appreciation and takes all the credit to himself/herself.
  • You have a lack of resources that may be due to your financial condition, physical condition or social conditions.
  • It’s about love, you are in love with someone and he/she is the world for you but he/she is not with you anymore.

These are some instances that might be the reason for your feeling of failure. What is the solution to this feeling?  or What is something that we are lacking?

Solution to failure

Actually, we are thinking that we are working on something so there must be good results only. We never prepared for bad outcomes or bad results. From the very beginning of our planning, we are just thinking about all the nice thing could happen to us and what I shall be after this success and how much I shall enjoy. When you lose, it hurts. The failure brakes you down and you have no plan for that too.

Suppose there is a job offer in the government sector and the vacancy is around 1000 peoples. The number of the applicant is 10 lakh(minimum), differ according to the density of population. You are also one of them having all the criteria which are required for that job. You are hoping for a good but what’s the probability of that result?  0.1% only. Yeah, we are preparing for the probability of 0.1% happening things and not even think once which could happen in 99.9% times.

This is the time where we should increase the are of our imagination. We should expand our vision and prepare not only for best but for the worst as well.

You may find yourself discouraged by the above discussion but don’t worry we would not let you down. Here are some steps that will help you to keep boosted during your failure time.

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Points to Remember
tortoise and rabbit are running
  • Discipline and hard work is the key: You must have listened about the rabbit and tortoise race story. There is only 0.1% of the chance for tortoise but he continued doing what he must do and the result is in his favor.
  • Never think about the strength of enemies: Never think about the strength of enemies but you should work on your weakness. Because when you are thinking about your enemy’s strength. The belief in you that you will win this race will start disappearing. Tortoise never thought about how fast the rabbit could go. Otherwise, in spite of winning the race, he never dared to do the race.
  • Never lose hope: You are too low and thinking that you have done so much hard work and even after you are not getting the result. Just think about the ant. An ant lifts around 2 or 3 times of her weight and then climbs on rocks. She tries and she fails, she tries and she fails. This goes long until she doesn’t reach her destination. This all possible because she never loses hope to win.
  • Strengthen your belief: You have more strength than what you think. You are smarter than you believe. It is all about belief and your imagination. As someone said


So why not think big and best? Why not try to pretend like a great person you are?  Once you start behaving like them acting like them, Your thought helps you to be like them.

Stay healthy, stay safe

Thank you


Racism – A Black Spot in our Society

We live in a society where there are many different good spots and bad spots. Good spots mean the place where prosperity exists. Where we know our limits, we know what is our culture, we know how to make our family happy and make proud, how to be loyal with a friend, or how to behave with strangers and guests.

From all these good spots our society is suffering from a big spot, a spot that is not black for everyone unless he/she is not suffering from it. This black spot is known as “RACISM” in our society. This does not seem a big issue in our society.

You may have never noticed this but my friends believe this is one of the largest problems in our society. Thousands of people are suffering from this racism, not only in one department but everywhere, either it is an office or any events or in school or college. It exists everywhere. And this makes the victim’s confidence very low in public and ruin their body language too.


It’s bitter for me to hear and write that in our country this type of mentality is developing since childhood. How?

Just think about the days when we use to listen that ‘Don’t go outside in sunny otherwise your face will
become black’. These types of comments make a mindset that black faces peoples are ugly. Is it not right?

Another strong reason is our fairness creams advertisement and makeup kit advertisement, which always show that Fairness
is the key to success. If you have a black skin tone no one gonna gives a shit about you. Your career gets destroyed and your life becomes a failure. Then what about hard work? Is it key to a joke?

Another reason which I think never comes in anyone’s eyes, Our smartphone’s cameras. Nowadays every smartphone company is busy making a camera that shows everyone’s good and fair look. Fairness cameras, beauty cameras, AI cameras. Day to day continuously there is something new in the market to beautifies the face of peoples and make them look more and fairer. Why?

These types of the camera help everyone to make their wall more fair and brighter on social media as we know we are social media builder but when it comes in reality again we are caught by racist minded people. Why these cameras stop people to accept themselves as they are is? The camera is making people less confident about their personality and helps in generating an inferiority complex.

In today’s era every teenager either it is a boy or girl are 24*7 busy in making up himself or herself.
If someone is fair then he is busy maintaining their fairness and if someone is not then he is busy making themself.
Why?  Because they always listen first from guardians then from friends and now from celebrities that if you are not fair then your life is a waste.


We should try to start to accept the peoples as they are, not only by mouth but by heart as well. See their beauty by
heart. Heartly beautiful peoples are the most endangered species now because of this face beauty race.

Its a very good start from the whole world as we all know about our new miss universe “ZOZIBINI TUNZI“, who is a black-skinned lady and the world accepts her beauty. We should also try to start something like this in our society.

And believe me from that day everyone starting to accept their personality and start believing in “HARD WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS
NOT FAIRNESS”. I am sure one day this BLACK SPOT will leave our society.

girl in sunrays

Are you depressed? 3 Steps to avoid that.

You are depressed because you lost your job, Teacher insulted you because you couldn’t able to complete the assignment, You have a huge fight with your partner, You have failed in the math test. You have lost your whole pocket money in a bet with a friend, You haven’t selected to the job for which you have prepared a lot, You want to leave a bad habit but can’t able to leave that.

Well, what is your reason for being depressed and unhappy, I can not help you. Yes, I can not do anything about that and not only me, but no one in this world can help you and make you feel happy except you. Only you are the one who can make yourself happy and undepressed.

How can you avoid depression?

If you feel bad or depressed there are following three things that you can do to recover yourself:

  1. Try to figure out the root of your problem. Many times we are unhappy and depressed for some reasons but actually, we don’t know the real reason behind that and that creates the problem in removing that problem.
  2. Now once you know the problem thinks about all the possibilities that you can do to solve that problem. You will come up to two situations either you can do something or you can’t do.
  3. CASE-1: Well, if you can do something do it now & yeah be happy as you have solved your problem.
  4. CASE-2: If you can’t just ‘Be happy’. Now you will say,’ happy? Why? I mean how?’. Yes, I am not joking. I am saying just to keep a smile on your face and face that problem. Why are you feeling sad about the things that you can’t control? You should say about the things which you can solve but still, you are not working for that.

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Nothing last forever

You must have seen a hospital’s scene in a movie or daily show. When a patient is lying on the bed and there is a monitor in which zigzag lines showing the life of the patient. A single straight line means the person is no more, life ended at that point so to be living, some ups and downs are really important. Odd and even are just part of life.

Always remember ‘Nothing Last Forever‘, after every night there is a bright morning that clears all the darkness. It’s your mind that control all the emotions. if you want to be happy no one, can make you feel sad

Life is a very beautiful gift of god so it’s your responsibility that you make your life large.

Thank you


study table

Most Powerful Thing in This World

Power is the thing that everyone is fighting for. Every country is working to increase its power. In the context of power, a question is arises that What is the most powerful thing in this world? Any guess? Mind, nuclear weapon, money? Well, we will talk about that in this article.

Hey, Myself Anubhav & I am here with another exciting article. Hope you will enjoy this and learn something new here. So, let’s started.

Money plays an important role in life. The basic thing of survival like Food, Clothes & Shelter can easily get by money. But nowadays money is becoming more and more important. Besides the above three basic things, money is also important for many more reasons such as follows:

1. Better opportunity of your child

Yeah, nowadays the children of rich peoples are having a better opportunity in all careers pursuing options than poor ones.

2. Better luxuries

Luxury is another important thing that everyone is wanted in their life. Everyone is fascinated with something and wish to get that in life. Money is very helpful to get all that luxuries.

3. A healthy lifestyle

4. A good image in society

But what if I say to you that there is something more powerful than money. Well, what you think let me know in the comment section.Time


Time is the most powerful thing in this world. Even in the formula of compound interest time is the factor that creates a huge difference.

You can understand the power of time by analyzing it with the situation that if ones lose his money due to some crisis or any other issue can get back the money by the dedication and hard work in his profession but once someone loses even a minute of his life can’t get that back in future anymore. The moment you are living that is never gonna back. That’s why you must invest your time wisely. Never waste a second of your life for the person who is with you only for his benefit.

You are someone who does not like by anyone. Everyone is criticizing you, then before listening to them read this story first.


Once, there was an old man with his child and a donkey. All of them were going somewhere.  The boy was sitting on the donkey & the old man is walking with him. Some people saw them & said, “This is so disrespectful & hurting, now the time children have no respect for their elders. See the boy is sitting on the donkey and the old man is walking on foot.”

Both of them switched their position but after some time again some people saw them & said, “how bad the man is, he is sitting on the donkey & leave his little child on foot”.

Now, both of them sat on the donkey & this time a group of people saw them & said, “how cruel they are! Donkey is so weak still both of them are sitting on him”.

At last, they lifted the donkey & put that on their heads.


The moral is that people are here to criticize you. Whatever you will do in your life they will always be there to speak about the wrong things. But it’s up to you that what you choose. You should believe yourself & keep work on you because time has the quality that it changes.

If you are doing great it will lift you & you will get what you want & if you not then this will let you down & make everything hard to get.


Is Success overrated now ?

Yesterday, I was watching YouTube then there is a video came up on my newsfeed. I just open it with curiosity and now I am here writing about that.
Hey guys! it’s Anubhav with another exciting article.
According to the Worldmeter, there are 7.8 Billion peoples in this world and all are running to get the success in their lives. They all are fighting everyday for a ladder so that they can climb on that and can reach the top of success but what if I say to you that success is overrated. Yes, you read right success is overrated and how is that let’s understand.

Success is Overrated :

I have read about a lot of successful man who are at the top of their ambitions. They have such a amount of money that they can buy anything in this world but they are still unhappy and unsatisfied. They are ready to give any amount of money so that they can spend their time with their family. They are so much busy in their work that they don’t have enough time to do the things that really matters in life. If you ask a question to yourself for whom you want to be successful, the basic answer will “for me and my family” and what if you can’t spend your time with your family after getting that success. Well what in life is really matters is much different than this. Before going to discuss on that I have story for you that I watched earlier.

Story :

The Story is begin from the childhood of a person. His dad is teaching to him that how a bag can properly be packed. That is so well detailed that even I get to know how to properly pack a bag without leaving any extra space. This packing process goes along. Now, little child is a teenager sometimes he used to pack that bag if father is getting late. Father goes to work on everyday and when he check that bag if that is properly packed he used to say “perfect” to him and that perfect meant a lot to him. This all goes along.

One day his father dies. On the funeral day, the body of his father is in a big box. The young man(his son) is standing beside him and watching the extra space besides his father and now he is thinking that what are the things that he can put so that it can fill that space.

Moral :

Well the moral of the story is that his father was busy in making the money in his work. He always gives the important to the work and money only. He also want that things from his son as well but at the end his success and money, the things for which he wasted his entire life and never give a little time to his family all are in vain. Now, that things can’t goes along with him. All are left here with this materialistic world.

What things in life really matters :

There is only three things in life that really matters and that is

  • How well we lived
  • How well we loved
  • How well we learned

This doesn’t mean that you don’t do hard work and get success and sit along with your family. Nope, What I mean that keep a balance between your work, your family, your friends and for that who matters in your life because you know at the end only three things matter in life

  • How well we lived
  • How well we loved
  • How well we learned

Comment what you think that matters in your life.

Till then

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