Why You should Uninstall TikTok | An Honest opinion

Uninstall TikTok. Why? Being a fan of Carryminati(Ajay Nagar), It’s really disappointing for me that youtube has taken down the video(Youtube vs TikTok). After becoming the most liked India video on Youtube and very close to being the most liked video on the Global list as well. The video is no more on Youtube now. Maybe the huge number of reports and hates being one of the reasons for that or there may any politics in this. So, there is a situation like a war on the internet Youtube vs TikTok makes me write about this topic but don’t worry I will tell you some honest and logical things on Why You should leave Tiktok.
The people who don’t know about the TikTok. Let’s firstly discuss that.


TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance. It is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talented videos. Released in September 2016, It supports over 40 languages. There are around 500 Million active users on a monthly basis.


Within the release of two-three years, it becomes so popular among youngsters. Maybe the reason to become popular so early is:

  • It’s the algorithm, In TikTok no matter how new you are, You may be an overnight sensation.
  • It doesn’t really care about talent. The more cringey the content the more chance of it’s to gain more popularity.
  • You don’t have to work hard and make your own content. On this application, you can copy the content of others and easily post that by some customization if wanted.
What is Youtube vs TikTok?

By posting 15 to 30 sections of four videos in a day, creators on TikTok think they are so much talented. Novice of they started comparing themselves with other creators of different platforms like Youtube. And now this is the hottest topic of the internet today. The internet is divided into two community Youtube vs TikTok. So, before you take a side let me explain to you the reason why you should leave TikTok and take the side of Youtube.

Reason You should uninstall TikTok
  • It doesn’t have any dislike button.
  • You can’t criticize TikTok on the same platform as it has very tight moderation on videos. While it’s not in the case of youtube. There are so many videos in which Youtube has been criticized and that really helps Youtube to be better.  You can understand this by an incident. Some months before the trending section on Youtube is mostly filled with the lizard’s video or some tricky cringey videos. Many people show hate on that and now it is fixed.
  • It doesn’t have any copyright rules. So many others are busy copying videos of different creators. It disappoints the creator who really makes that video when someone copies that and gains more audience with that.
  • It spread cringe content more and more. You can easily check out there are so many quality creators on TikTok who struggle to get fame and that disappoint them. So, everyone is shifting to cringe content and that makes the TikTok a shit.
  • It has some trust issues, that’s why people on TikTok also have to active on other social media platforms like insta and Fb. While this is not in the case of Youtube.
  • By promoting more and more cringe content, it is misleading the youth.
  • Last and the biggest reason, it is from China, and by observing today’s scenario of the world suffering from a virus COVID-19 we don’t want to spread another virus TikTok.
A Suggestion
  • At last, I don’t want to say that creators are bad on TikTok and they are only making cringe contents. It is only the application that makes them do that. You are talented that’s good & you wanted to perform your talent then please choose the right platform to show that. Choose a platform where quality content is promoted.
    Maybe today due to someone’s stupidity act performing video is getting viral and gaining fame on Tiktok never gonna help him in his future. In the real world, Talent is more important, and if someone doesn’t have that. He is only an overnight sensation this will never gonna help him.
    Tiktok is just a shit that is promoting shit. Uninstall it today and wash your hand before you get affected by this virus.
    Thank you

Corona | The Things That You Must Know About COVID-19

Today, In The whole world, the only word that is on everyone’s tongue and the only fear in everyone’s heart is ‘The Corona Virus disease‘ or COVID-19. According to WHO, it is one of the most dangerous diseases after the “PLAGUE” that came in the 1940s. Hello, I am Gufran and I am going to discuss almost everything related to the Corona Virus that is beneficial for all of us.


Corona Virus originates from China in the 1960s. The name coronavirus is derived from the Latin corona, meaning “crown” which refers to the characteristic appearance in the memory of a crown or a solar corona. I still can’t predict the exact reason why it named in the memory of a crown. Well, some say that this is originated from Wuhan’s fish market but there is no official confirmation about it.


COVID-19 or The Coronavirus disease 2019 is an infectious disease which is caused by (SARS-CoV-2) “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2″. This disease was first identified in the city Wuhan which is china at the end of 2k19. As we see just only in 2 or 3 months this COVID-19 affects globally. Countries like China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea are the most affected countries throughout the world and now India is also in the list of infected countries. There are 150+ countries and territories that are somewhere affected by Corona.


The COVID-19 virus affects different people in different ways.  COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and most infected people will develop mild to moderate symptoms and recover without requiring special treatment.  People who have underlying medical conditions and those over 60 years old have a higher risk of developing severe disease and death.

Common symptoms :
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Cough
Others symptoms :
  • Shortness of breath
  • Aches and pains
  • Sore throats
  • and very few people will report diarrhea, nausea or a runny nose.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, or clean them with alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Maintain at least 1-meter distance between you and people coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  • Stay home if you feel unwell.
  • Refrain from smoking and other activities that weaken the lungs.
  • Practice physical distancing by avoiding unnecessary travel and staying away from large groups of people.

After listening to the harm from coronavirus people are in huge fear and they are ready to do anything to protect themselves and their family from this COVID-19. Some people are always ready to take benefit of fear and they started to spread lots of myths in society just for their profit. And sad to say but in our country, people are so innocent that they easily believe in the rumors and myths don’t even search about that once. But that’s not the problem, problem is that after believing in all rumors people get unaware of real symptoms and precautions which may not only harmful for them but the whole nation.

In India, near about 80% of people use the internet but in place of searching for information on WHO or on any official website we still believe in forwarded messages of Whatsapp and other social media. If we open the official site of WHO then we can see that there is written that “The common symptoms of COVID-19 are these. There are some common rumors that we are following:

  • Drink water for 15 minutes can kill Corona.
  • Hot water gargles can save you from the Virus.
  • Taking Silver can save you from Corona.
  • High temperatures and sun rays can kill Corona.
  • If you can hold your breath for 10 seconds there is no corona inside your lungs.

These all are some common myths that are spreading everywhere by your WhatsApp. There is a request to all please before sharing anything once check that is official or not. How?

Just copy that message and paste that on your google chrome or any of your browser and search that you will see some results if there are any .gov websites or at the WHO website that is claiming the message is true then only ensures this is true and then share to all.

What You Can do?

Now after all these things, I have to say something, please don’t be panic I know it’s the thing that never happened before but responsible peoples try their best. It doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. All we have to do is just to protect ourselves and our family and society from being infected. Just follow above mentioned small precautions then you, your family, your society and your country all will be safe.

If you feel any of the symptoms mentioned above, use a mask and consult with your doctor asap. Don’t be frightful of it, You can be cured easily if you follow the right procedure.

Things We Should Focus on

Still, we have time, start understanding nature. 24*7*365 we are continuously playing with the rules of nature. Look what happens when nature starts playing with us. Just only in 3 months, the whole human lifestyle is get affected by just a small virus. We should try to maintain the equilibrium of earth, just apart our greediness and start to behave like a human. Try to keep the balance of the Life Cycle that we have studied in our 6th standard book.




Racism – A Black Spot in our Society

We live in a society where there are many different good spots and bad spots. Good spots mean the place where prosperity exists. Where we know our limits, we know what is our culture, we know how to make our family happy and make proud, how to be loyal with a friend, or how to behave with strangers and guests.

From all these good spots our society is suffering from a big spot, a spot that is not black for everyone unless he/she is not suffering from it. This black spot is known as “RACISM” in our society. This does not seem a big issue in our society.

You may have never noticed this but my friends believe this is one of the largest problems in our society. Thousands of people are suffering from this racism, not only in one department but everywhere, either it is an office or any events or in school or college. It exists everywhere. And this makes the victim’s confidence very low in public and ruin their body language too.


It’s bitter for me to hear and write that in our country this type of mentality is developing since childhood. How?

Just think about the days when we use to listen that ‘Don’t go outside in sunny otherwise your face will
become black’. These types of comments make a mindset that black faces peoples are ugly. Is it not right?

Another strong reason is our fairness creams advertisement and makeup kit advertisement, which always show that Fairness
is the key to success. If you have a black skin tone no one gonna gives a shit about you. Your career gets destroyed and your life becomes a failure. Then what about hard work? Is it key to a joke?

Another reason which I think never comes in anyone’s eyes, Our smartphone’s cameras. Nowadays every smartphone company is busy making a camera that shows everyone’s good and fair look. Fairness cameras, beauty cameras, AI cameras. Day to day continuously there is something new in the market to beautifies the face of peoples and make them look more and fairer. Why?

These types of the camera help everyone to make their wall more fair and brighter on social media as we know we are social media builder but when it comes in reality again we are caught by racist minded people. Why these cameras stop people to accept themselves as they are is? The camera is making people less confident about their personality and helps in generating an inferiority complex.

In today’s era every teenager either it is a boy or girl are 24*7 busy in making up himself or herself.
If someone is fair then he is busy maintaining their fairness and if someone is not then he is busy making themself.
Why?  Because they always listen first from guardians then from friends and now from celebrities that if you are not fair then your life is a waste.


We should try to start to accept the peoples as they are, not only by mouth but by heart as well. See their beauty by
heart. Heartly beautiful peoples are the most endangered species now because of this face beauty race.

Its a very good start from the whole world as we all know about our new miss universe “ZOZIBINI TUNZI“, who is a black-skinned lady and the world accepts her beauty. We should also try to start something like this in our society.

And believe me from that day everyone starting to accept their personality and start believing in “HARD WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS
NOT FAIRNESS”. I am sure one day this BLACK SPOT will leave our society.


Do you have friends?

You are my friend, he is my friend, all of you are my friends. In this world of Social media influencer, we have a lot of friends. We have a large number of followers on our Instagram and Twitter handles.  But my friend a greater number of followers and friends list on social media does not ensure that you have a lot of friends. Really? How?

My name is Anubhav and I am here with another exciting article. Let’s get started.

If I ask you, “Do you have a friend”? All of you will have the answer, “Yes, I have many friends.” Today, When I see around to me, I find there are many youths think that they all are friends whom they are hanging out with, with whom they are joking and laughing. You think you are happy with somebody & you are sharing something among a group of people assures that they all are your friends But for what if they have an agenda in life & they are with you because they want something with you & when their needs end they left you. So, remember everyone is not your friend.


The word friends come from a European word ‘FREUND‘ means ‘TO LOVE‘. A person who is with you not only in good but at bad times as well. A good friend is not who disappear your problem, a good friend is one who does not disappear when you have a problem. A good friend is not who tells you only good things about you. It is better to walk alone than with a thousand clones.

Today, when all things are good with you, you have peoples hanging out with you, laughing and joking but what if your bad days come? Do they stay with you at that time?

Two friends for twenty-year are far better than twenty friends for two years. Keep in mind, “the circle that is smaller and denser that is stronger and unbreakable “. Whenever you are hanging with them, wasting your time & thinking that you will smart you will not get loose but my friend you are loosing ‘your time’. The time which is never gonna come back.

It is that time in which you can recognize the inner power inside you. The only thing that you should do is to recognize that.  The best friend is the one who is always with you from birth to eternity is ‘You‘. Yes, invest your time to find the real ‘You‘ because you have some special power hidden inside yourself.

Choose your friends wisely because friends and books are two things which taught you the real things in life.

Now, I am giving you another chance to think again & answer my question, ” Do you have a friend ?”

Well, tell me your answer in the comment section.

Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thank you


Are you living in a Materialistic world

What is materialistic world?

Waking up in the morning checking the phone for the notification. Go through all of them one by one responding and showing you  are up to date. Now it’s your daily routine where you start your day on screen and end your day on screen. You are upset because new post of your Instagram account doesn’t reach the  milestone of likes comparable to the last one. You are not happy because the number of comment of saying ‘nice pic’ are very less in your new post or comparatively lower than the last one.


if all these things happen with you then congratulation you are in materialistic where it become very important to upload your status image before eating something special either you are in home or in a restaurant. It become important to upload a clip of the movie what you are watching now in your status. Not only this, people are too social now they are video calling each other by going live on instagram. You can imagine the level by knowing people are spending their money on buying some clothes or skin of different assets in virtual online game, man seriously ?

Impact :

Actually, these things are invented for our luxuries and comfort to make our task easier but now we are being addicted to this. These addiction are way more dangerous than any normal addiction you can imagine it from that it is making a drastic change in the lifestyle of our new comers, The schedule of their lifestyle is completely changed, now they sleep at 2 am to 4am and wake up after 10 am. All are busy in creating  Image building . Technology is a good thing and it is appreciable that we are developing day by day. but you come to know the impact of this. You will know how worse it is.

Well some day before there is an incident where an aunty in my neighborhood is asking something with a 12th passed girl. Their conversation is something like this :

Aunty : Now you are a 12th passed girl, you must be using facebook now ?

Girl : No, I don’t have personal phone & any account in facebook too.

Aunty : Then, whatsapp???

Girl : Yeah! sometimes only in mummy’s phone.

After listening their conversation a thought came upto in my mind. Is it necessary for every teenager who just passed his/her 12th then there must be a facebook account or whatsapp or any other social media handle of them? She may ask for her future plans or some goals or the things that she wants to achieve in his/her life or she may share her experience that will definitely going to help her in her future.

Lately I realise that there is a tradition to be socially active after a certain age and actually it shows your status. Wasting your golden time being addicted with these materialistic world is now common to everyone.

But no one  is realising that it is very important to keep some distance between virtual world and real life world and try to achieve things, improve your personality, behaviour  in a realistic world that is really gonna help them in their future. This doesn’t mean that i am restricting you to don’t use technology, you must use that but you must have knowledge that this is virtual world and what you are inside is never gonna be true outside. You will only be awarded for the things what you do in physical world. Be a man that is respected by everyone.

till then



Are you a Social Image builder ?

I have read about the fact that 50% of people in the world population never make a phone call. Although 2.38 billion accounts are there on Facebook and above 1 billion active users on Instagram, A strange fact.


Well, it’s a second post on social media if you haven’t read the first one here you can from here –  are you a Social Media Freak?

Keeping that fact aside we have some other strange impact of social media use on people. One of them is Image building. So first let’s understand what is Image building.

What is image building?

Recently, I was using my Instagram account checking my feed. A post of my friend came up and I just casually double tap on that meanwhile my attention was grabbed by the number of likes on the post which is nearly 1000. I was just amazed to see that. I opened his profile & he has around 6k+ followers. What? Really…? What extra he is doing?

For your kind information around 54 posts are there in his account and believe me all these are normal pictures of him only. He doesn’t have any extra talent too.
There are some more friends of mine having such several followers and they are working hard to increase more and more. They are working on their hashtag, using copied captions and begging for the likes to maintain their profile on Social Media handles. This is image building on Social Media.
Well, we are in an era where youth found more respect having more likes & followers. As everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and the like on their picture or video determine the status of them

How it impacts us?

Having a lot of followers is not a bad thing. Is it? You post a picture of yours & soon it reaches three or four-digit numbers of likes & your notification panel is full of appreciative comments. You stand-out between your friends & everything is looking cool. But wait, I want you to waste your two minutes here, maybe it saves a lot of time of yours.

Now ask yourself, does this gonna help you in your future? You are an unemployed person having a lot of skill but are not aware of the stuff what to do, does having a bunch of followers helps you?
You are busy in image building in a hypothetical world that will never be a reality. You think the people who are giving the like really like you but my friend they are the same beggar following the rule of like-for-like  & follow-for-follow. When you must take care of your family & concern about your future, you are concerning about something else.

girl travelling

Stop wasting your time for begging the like, wake up, work hard & spend your time on building your personality, your career believe me only these things gonna help you to get the satisfaction that you are searching for and then you will be the ideal of others. At that time people follow you and give you the respect that you want now.

This materialistic worlds never gonna give you the pleasure. What is the materialistic world well that is another topic of Saaltysugar.
Till wait

People using social media

Are you a Social Media Freak ? This is for you

7.6 billion people on Earth and 2.38 billion accounts on Facebook and around 1.5 billion active users on WhatsApp. On an average 23 times, every user checks the WhatsApp in a day. Why we are talking about this stat? Well
People using social media
Today, we are going to discuss the importance of these apps and the impact of these apps on human life. So don’t wasting time let’s first understand why these things discovered? What was our basic need to use these social handles?
What was the basic use of social media?
The discovery of internet ease human work and also open the gate of discoveries of new things with the new formula and change the way of doing work by a human. Email is a good example of that. Accepted widely and still in use.

After the great success of email that is accepted worldwide. Mark had a new idea to give everyone a face and talk directly. Facebook introduced in 2004 I guess, it had introduced face to chat. Here everyone had their profile and they can chat with their friends and family very easily. Now if you want to chat with any of your friend that is not in your contact and even you don’t know his/her email address or contact number, you can easily access to them by simply searching with their names and recognizing the profile picture. So I guess this is the basis of its.

Later WhatsApp introduced & many more features introduced including voice call, video call, and group video call and now we have a lot of application to but we are not going to talk it here let’s come to our point.

What is wrong?
The wrong meaning of social media. As we discussed the role of social media in searching for that friend which is way further than your reach. But what if we chat with the friend whom we can easily meet. May be our class friend, college friend, a colleague of your office or a neighbor. Here we are not talking about sharing a file or other important stuff. We are talking about showing love or care to others. Sharing of our thought, our experiences, some incidence that you can share with them, we prefer social media rather than meeting with them.

In reality, if we meet them we ignore or we just don’t have enough time to talk with them. We have time to swipe up our news feed for hours giving like without thinking about the picture or the video or by the person that is shared. We just comment ‘nice pic’.
Tagging someone, liking their picture and commenting “nice pic” does work..????

Is it necessary???

This is strange one side we comment ‘nice pic’ and another side we don’t want to give a minute to that particular person. We are in an era of a showoff. We don’t care about others, their feeling but in making our image better we like the picture and comment to that person. It’s all image building on social media. What is image building?  Well, this is another topic of Saaltysugar.

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