The Second wave (The Tsunami)

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The Second wave (The Tsunami)

That was the dream that no one wants to be real, but…it became real. The level of fear and pain we Indians experienced in those


Racism – A Black Spot in our Society

We live in a society where there are many different good spots and bad spots. Good spots mean the place where prosperity exists. Where we


Do you have friends?

You are my friend, he is my friend, all of you are my friends. In this world of Social media influencer, we have a lot

Are you living in a Materialistic world

What is materialistic world? Waking up in the morning checking the phone for the notification. Go through all of them one by one responding and

Are you a Social Image builder ?

  I have read about the fact that 50% of people in the world population never make a phone call. Although 2.38 billion accounts are

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