Why You should Uninstall TikTok | An Honest opinion

Uninstall TikTok. Why? Being a fan of Carryminati(Ajay Nagar), It’s really disappointing for me that youtube has taken down the video(Youtube vs TikTok). After becoming the most liked India video on Youtube and very close to being the most liked video on the Global list as well. The video is no more on Youtube now. Maybe the huge number of reports and hates being one of the reasons for that or there may any politics in this. So, there is a situation like a war on the internet Youtube vs TikTok makes me write about this topic but don’t worry I will tell you some honest and logical things on Why You should leave Tiktok.
The people who don’t know about the TikTok. Let’s firstly discuss that.


TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance. It is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talented videos. Released in September 2016, It supports over 40 languages. There are around 500 Million active users on a monthly basis.


Within the release of two-three years, it becomes so popular among youngsters. Maybe the reason to become popular so early is:

  • It’s the algorithm, In TikTok no matter how new you are, You may be an overnight sensation.
  • It doesn’t really care about talent. The more cringey the content the more chance of it’s to gain more popularity.
  • You don’t have to work hard and make your own content. On this application, you can copy the content of others and easily post that by some customization if wanted.
What is Youtube vs TikTok?

By posting 15 to 30 sections of four videos in a day, creators on TikTok think they are so much talented. Novice of they started comparing themselves with other creators of different platforms like Youtube. And now this is the hottest topic of the internet today. The internet is divided into two community Youtube vs TikTok. So, before you take a side let me explain to you the reason why you should leave TikTok and take the side of Youtube.

Reason You should uninstall TikTok
  • It doesn’t have any dislike button.
  • You can’t criticize TikTok on the same platform as it has very tight moderation on videos. While it’s not in the case of youtube. There are so many videos in which Youtube has been criticized and that really helps Youtube to be better.  You can understand this by an incident. Some months before the trending section on Youtube is mostly filled with the lizard’s video or some tricky cringey videos. Many people show hate on that and now it is fixed.
  • It doesn’t have any copyright rules. So many others are busy copying videos of different creators. It disappoints the creator who really makes that video when someone copies that and gains more audience with that.
  • It spread cringe content more and more. You can easily check out there are so many quality creators on TikTok who struggle to get fame and that disappoint them. So, everyone is shifting to cringe content and that makes the TikTok a shit.
  • It has some trust issues, that’s why people on TikTok also have to active on other social media platforms like insta and Fb. While this is not in the case of Youtube.
  • By promoting more and more cringe content, it is misleading the youth.
  • Last and the biggest reason, it is from China, and by observing today’s scenario of the world suffering from a virus COVID-19 we don’t want to spread another virus TikTok.
A Suggestion
  • At last, I don’t want to say that creators are bad on TikTok and they are only making cringe contents. It is only the application that makes them do that. You are talented that’s good & you wanted to perform your talent then please choose the right platform to show that. Choose a platform where quality content is promoted.
    Maybe today due to someone’s stupidity act performing video is getting viral and gaining fame on Tiktok never gonna help him in his future. In the real world, Talent is more important, and if someone doesn’t have that. He is only an overnight sensation this will never gonna help him.
    Tiktok is just a shit that is promoting shit. Uninstall it today and wash your hand before you get affected by this virus.
    Thank you