Why is it hard for me to Write?

Today, On Dec 14, 2019, I am sitting on my chair in front of my study table in my hostel with my other three roommates. Currently, I have a blank mind with no thoughts or I can say very fizzy thoughts are coming out from my mind and because of that I am not able to pick one of them so I can start my writing. There may be any reason but what I guess that is there are a lot of things that I want to share but I am not getting the way from where should I start and where to end?

It has been almost four months I haven’t written anything. So, I thoughts untill I don’t get a good idea it’s better to start writing from myself. Write about the actual things that are really happening to me. Think about the things that restrict me to write. Well, it’s not that I have too much work & I am so much busy in my work. But what I found I have lost my creativity somewhere. Actually when I am about half of this post. I realized why I wasn’t able & that is now that I am a part of the rat race of success & now I do what most successful men do & follow them so that I can easily get the success from the path which is previously set.

Well, it’s been almost a week, I was preparing myself to work on it but there is not a single idea is coming to me to write. I checked too many articles (almost 2-3) and I checked my quora wall but all are in vain. Dumb of me not getting any idea to start.

But.., wait…

You are reading something & I guess it’s a post of mine but I  wasn’t have any idea.
Actually I don’t have any idea for the topic but I have a great eager to write something. So I think I can write my feelings today. But it’s a motivational website & now you guys think why you are reading this & what’s the moral in this. I request you to please read it again moral is in last para. I hope you will get that. Let me know in the comment section.

Sorry for being off for so long. I promise you that I will not let this happen more. I will join you soon with something interesting topic soon. Till then, enjoy it!
Thank you

Ta da

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