Are you depressed? 3 Steps to avoid that.

You are depressed because you lost your job, Teacher insulted you because you couldn’t able to complete the assignment, You have a huge fight with your partner, You have failed in the math test. You have lost your whole pocket money in a bet with a friend, You haven’t selected to the job for which you have prepared a lot, You want to leave a bad habit but can’t able to leave that.

Well, what is your reason for being depressed and unhappy, I can not help you. Yes, I can not do anything about that and not only me, but no one in this world can help you and make you feel happy except you. Only you are the one who can make yourself happy and undepressed.

How can you avoid depression?

If you feel bad or depressed there are following three things that you can do to recover yourself:

  1. Try to figure out the root of your problem. Many times we are unhappy and depressed for some reasons but actually, we don’t know the real reason behind that and that creates the problem in removing that problem.
  2. Now once you know the problem thinks about all the possibilities that you can do to solve that problem. You will come up to two situations either you can do something or you can’t do.
  3. CASE-1: Well, if you can do something do it now & yeah be happy as you have solved your problem.
  4. CASE-2: If you can’t just ‘Be happy’. Now you will say,’ happy? Why? I mean how?’. Yes, I am not joking. I am saying just to keep a smile on your face and face that problem. Why are you feeling sad about the things that you can’t control? You should say about the things which you can solve but still, you are not working for that.

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Nothing last forever

You must have seen a hospital’s scene in a movie or daily show. When a patient is lying on the bed and there is a monitor in which zigzag lines showing the life of the patient. A single straight line means the person is no more, life ended at that point so to be living, some ups and downs are really important. Odd and even are just part of life.

Always remember ‘Nothing Last Forever‘, after every night there is a bright morning that clears all the darkness. It’s your mind that control all the emotions. if you want to be happy no one, can make you feel sad

Life is a very beautiful gift of god so it’s your responsibility that you make your life large.

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