Is Success overrated now ?

Yesterday, I was watching YouTube then there is a video came up on my newsfeed. I just open it with curiosity and now I am here writing about that.
Hey guys! it’s Anubhav with another exciting article.
According to the Worldmeter, there are 7.8 Billion peoples in this world and all are running to get the success in their lives. They all are fighting everyday for a ladder so that they can climb on that and can reach the top of success but what if I say to you that success is overrated. Yes, you read right success is overrated and how is that let’s understand.

Success is Overrated :

I have read about a lot of successful man who are at the top of their ambitions. They have such a amount of money that they can buy anything in this world but they are still unhappy and unsatisfied. They are ready to give any amount of money so that they can spend their time with their family. They are so much busy in their work that they don’t have enough time to do the things that really matters in life. If you ask a question to yourself for whom you want to be successful, the basic answer will “for me and my family” and what if you can’t spend your time with your family after getting that success. Well what in life is really matters is much different than this. Before going to discuss on that I have story for you that I watched earlier.

Story :

The Story is begin from the childhood of a person. His dad is teaching to him that how a bag can properly be packed. That is so well detailed that even I get to know how to properly pack a bag without leaving any extra space. This packing process goes along. Now, little child is a teenager sometimes he used to pack that bag if father is getting late. Father goes to work on everyday and when he check that bag if that is properly packed he used to say “perfect” to him and that perfect meant a lot to him. This all goes along.

One day his father dies. On the funeral day, the body of his father is in a big box. The young man(his son) is standing beside him and watching the extra space besides his father and now he is thinking that what are the things that he can put so that it can fill that space.

Moral :

Well the moral of the story is that his father was busy in making the money in his work. He always gives the important to the work and money only. He also want that things from his son as well but at the end his success and money, the things for which he wasted his entire life and never give a little time to his family all are in vain. Now, that things can’t goes along with him. All are left here with this materialistic world.

What things in life really matters:

There is only three things in life that really matters and that is:

  • How well we lived
  • How well we loved
  • How well we learned

This doesn’t mean that you don’t do hard work and get success and sit along with your family. Nope, What I mean that keep a balance between your work, your family, your friends and for that who matters in your life because you know at the end only three things matter in life:

  • How well we lived
  • How well we loved
  • How well we learned

Comment what you think that matters in your life.

Till then

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