Most Powerful Thing in This World

Power is the thing that everyone is fighting for. Every country is working to increase its power. In the context of power, a question is arises that What is the most powerful thing in this world? Any guess? Mind, nuclear weapon, money? Well, we will talk about that in this article.

Hey, Myself Anubhav & I am here with another exciting article. Hope you will enjoy this and learn something new here. So, let’s started.

Money plays an important role in life. The basic thing of survival like Food, Clothes & Shelter can easily get by money. But nowadays money is becoming more and more important. Besides the above three basic things, money is also important for many more reasons such as follows:

1. Better opportunity of your child

Yeah, nowadays the children of rich peoples are having a better opportunity in all careers pursuing options than poor ones.

2. Better luxuries

Luxury is another important thing that everyone is wanted in their life. Everyone is fascinated with something and wish to get that in life. Money is very helpful to get all that luxuries.

3. A healthy lifestyle

4. A good image in society


But what if I say to you that there is something more powerful than money. Well, what you think let me know in the comment section.


Time is the most powerful thing in this world. Even in the formula of compound interest time is the factor that creates a huge difference.

You can understand the power of time by analyzing it with the situation that if ones lose his money due to some crisis or any other issue can get back the money by the dedication and hard work in his profession but once someone loses even a minute of his life can’t get that back in future anymore. The moment you are living that is never gonna back. That’s why you must invest your time wisely. Never waste a second of your life for the person who is with you only for his benefit.

You are someone who does not like by anyone. Everyone is criticizing you, then before listening to them read this story first.


Once, there was an old man with his child and a donkey. All of them were going somewhere.  The boy was sitting on the donkey & the old man is walking with him. Some people saw them & said, “This is so disrespectful & hurting, now the time children have no respect for their elders. See the boy is sitting on the donkey and the old man is walking on foot.”

Both of them switched their position but after some time again some people saw them & said, “how bad the man is, he is sitting on the donkey & leave his little child on foot”.

Now, both of them sat on the donkey & this time a group of people saw them & said, “how cruel they are! Donkey is so weak still both of them are sitting on him”.

At last, they lifted the donkey & put that on their heads.


The moral is that people are here to criticize you. Whatever you will do in your life they will always be there to speak about the wrong things. But it’s up to you that what you choose. You should believe yourself & keep work on you because time has the quality that it changes.

If you are doing great it will lift you & you will get what you want & if you not then this will let you down & make everything hard to get.

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