Now you can quit your job and live the NR lifestyle

Escape 9-5 and live anywhere Part-5 (The Conclusion)

If you’ve followed all the previous steps – particularly if you’ve started outsourcing and the side business you created with your spare time is beginning to roll in consistent cash – you’re near the point where quitting your job is feasible. But first, you will want to negotiate remote working conditions so you can test your lifestyle of freedom while still having money from your job. You will need the remote work especially if your business is yet to comfortably cater to your financial needs.

Earlier we discussed how being super productive will make it easier to negotiate remote work; but you need something more than productivity – you need a strategy, because it’s not always a walk in the part to talk management into allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. What your company’s management needs to see is how your working from home will contribute more to the organization than working from the office. And it’s the duty of your strategy to show them that.

Consider Deepak experience with his boss. Because of his plan to negotiate remote work, Deepak started putting in the effort to increase his productivity – and consequently, his value to the company.

Additionally, he ensured the company invested in him so that it would be hard for them to let him go. Next, he called in sick for two days. Deepak used these days to do his office work remotely. He made sure he performed more than he usually did at the office. He resumed after two days and was ready to negotiate remote work. Deepak started by asking for two remote workdays -Monday and Tuesday – he used that approach because it’s much easier for his boss to accept two days of remote work than all five days at once.

The result? Deepak did his best to impress his boss, then leveraged on his super performance to negotiate four days remote work, and then complete remote work – the entire five days a week.

He is now only required to show up at the organization during crucial meetings.

You can apply his strategy too. The most important things are your ability to show a high degree of competence and reliability.


Conclusion of the Escape 9-5 and live anywhere Series

You no longer have to pour out your life into your job or business, forgetting that work is simply a means to living and not the goal itself. All the strategies outlined in this book are targeted at one thing: helping you work to live, not just work for work’s sake. Begin your journey into the world of possibilities and adventures by deciding you deserve a better life – a life of cash and freedom. Then begin eliminating all the clutter that will stop you from joining the NR league. After that, automate your work and income.

1. Outsource excess work that cannot be eliminated.
2. Start a profitable side business.
3. Liberate yourself from the 9-5 shackles and live like the NR you are.

Find more information about the New Rich lifestyle. There are also tons of real-life stories of people who successfully created the NR lifestyle for themselves. You sure will learn a lesson or two from their stories.

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