Racism – A Black Spot in our Society

We live in a society where there are many different good spots and bad spots. Good spots mean the place where prosperity exists. Where we know our limits, we know what is our culture, we know how to make our family happy and make proud, how to be loyal with a friend, or how to behave with strangers and guests.

From all these good spots our society is suffering from a big spot, a spot that is not black for everyone unless he/she is not suffering from it. This black spot is known as “RACISM” in our society. This does not seem a big issue in our society.

You may have never noticed this but my friends believe this is one of the largest problems in our society. Thousands of people are suffering from this racism, not only in one department but everywhere, either it is an office or any events or in school or college. It exists everywhere. And this makes the victim’s confidence very low in public and ruin their body language too.


It’s bitter for me to hear and write that in our country this type of mentality is developing since childhood. How?

Just think about the days when we use to listen that ‘Don’t go outside in sunny otherwise your face will
become black’. These types of comments make a mindset that black faces peoples are ugly. Is it not right?

Another strong reason is our fairness creams advertisement and makeup kit advertisement, which always show that Fairness
is the key to success. If you have a black skin tone no one gonna gives a shit about you. Your career gets destroyed and your life becomes a failure. Then what about hard work? Is it key to a joke?

Another reason which I think never comes in anyone’s eyes, Our smartphone’s cameras. Nowadays every smartphone company is busy making a camera that shows everyone’s good and fair look. Fairness cameras, beauty cameras, AI cameras. Day to day continuously there is something new in the market to beautifies the face of peoples and make them look more and fairer. Why?

These types of the camera help everyone to make their wall more fair and brighter on social media as we know we are social media builder but when it comes in reality again we are caught by racist minded people. Why these cameras stop people to accept themselves as they are is? The camera is making people less confident about their personality and helps in generating an inferiority complex.

In today’s era every teenager either it is a boy or girl are 24*7 busy in making up himself or herself.
If someone is fair then he is busy maintaining their fairness and if someone is not then he is busy making themself.
Why?  Because they always listen first from guardians then from friends and now from celebrities that if you are not fair then your life is a waste.


We should try to start to accept the peoples as they are, not only by mouth but by heart as well. See their beauty by
heart. Heartly beautiful peoples are the most endangered species now because of this face beauty race.

Its a very good start from the whole world as we all know about our new miss universe “ZOZIBINI TUNZI“, who is a black-skinned lady and the world accepts her beauty. We should also try to start something like this in our society.

And believe me from that day everyone starting to accept their personality and start believing in “HARD WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS
NOT FAIRNESS”. I am sure one day this BLACK SPOT will leave our society.

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