What are you searching for?

  1. Everyone is searching for something in their life and we will discuss that today. myself Anubbhav, I am here with another exciting article. So let’s get started.
    Humans are the most complex structured living being. He has an amazing gift given by god i.e brain. Yeah, the brain is something that makes the human different from other living beings. The level of intelligence is too high in humans than any other living being. Due to this we also have the power to think about the purpose of our life.
target or aim

Some people believe all we have an aim, a definite purpose in our lives and we invest our whole life to find that but some not. So, what you believe? Comment down below, Let’s come to know how our audience is thinking. If you would ask me, my answer will be Yes. We all have a specific reason for living in our life. I believe there is something that we are searching for in our life.
I don’t remember when this question hit my head but for the last several years I have been searching for the answer that What is the thing that we are all searching for? In search of that, I also visited Quora and there most of the people are explaining that they are searching for pride, love, money, and much more. So I decided to find that myself and to understand that we have to understand the process of life first.


We take birth as a child. We learn how to smile, how to speak, how to sit, stand, and talk. Later we learn advanced things by going to school, from books. We learn mathematics, science and social studies to be aware of our surroundings.
In colleges, we learn to earn. All we wanted a secure job. Some people do it passionately and enjoy that job and some people just do that to earn money.
Meanwhile, a partner comes into our lives and we continued earning for what? To make a dream home that at least has all the facilities with respect to our new, modern world. After that, we started to increase our bank balance for our future expenses. We have our kids now. We retired at the age of sixty with a permanent disease.
What are the plans we have in the sixties? We wish the children, who are adults now be settled in their life, and in the end, we die.

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What is the motto of mine to remind the whole story of life? We are searching for the thing that we are searching for in our whole life and for what we are working on today. You see in the story the man works hard in his entire life and collects a big amount of money and luxuries but in the end, he gives all those things to his children. Does this is the plan of him to spend that money and luxuries in the very beginning? and if it is so. Does he find the thing what he is searching for in his entire life?

motivated and happy woman

What I get all after this discussion is that ‘happiness‘ is the thing, we are searching for. For our whole life, we are running for a thing i.e ‘happiness’. It does not change with the status of living. No matter if you are rich or you are poor, all of you are working hard to find happiness.

Only the form of happiness is changed. Like a poor man who doesn’t have food to eat he works for food and when he has enough to fill his and his family’s stomach. He feels happy. Similarly, the rich man, who is working hard to buy Jaguar. He feels happy when he gets that.
So, the ultimate goal of our life is ‘happiness’. Now, all the people around you want happiness in their life and you know that. Why can’t we become a reason for one’s happiness? Let’s start spreading happiness and make world a better place. Leave the comment about what you think about ‘ what we are searching for?’

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