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7.6 billion people on Earth and 2.38 billion accounts on Facebook and around 1.5 billion active users on WhatsApp. On an average 23 times, every user checks the WhatsApp in a day. Why we are talking about this stat? Well
People using social media
Today, we are going to discuss the importance of these apps and the impact of these apps on human life. So don’t wasting time let’s first understand why these things discovered? What was our basic need to use these social handles?
What was the basic use of social media?
The discovery of internet ease human work and also open the gate of discoveries of new things with the new formula and change the way of doing work by a human. Email is a good example of that. Accepted widely and still in use.

After the great success of email that is accepted worldwide. Mark had a new idea to give everyone a face and talk directly. Facebook introduced in 2004 I guess, it had introduced face to chat. Here everyone had their profile and they can chat with their friends and family very easily. Now if you want to chat with any of your friend that is not in your contact and even you don’t know his/her email address or contact number, you can easily access to them by simply searching with their names and recognizing the profile picture. So I guess this is the basis of its.

Later WhatsApp introduced & many more features introduced including voice call, video call, and group video call and now we have a lot of application to but we are not going to talk it here let’s come to our point.

What is wrong?
The wrong meaning of social media. As we discussed the role of social media in searching for that friend which is way further than your reach. But what if we chat with the friend whom we can easily meet. May be our class friend, college friend, a colleague of your office or a neighbor. Here we are not talking about sharing a file or other important stuff. We are talking about showing love or care to others. Sharing of our thought, our experiences, some incidence that you can share with them, we prefer social media rather than meeting with them.

In reality, if we meet them we ignore or we just don’t have enough time to talk with them. We have time to swipe up our news feed for hours giving like without thinking about the picture or the video or by the person that is shared. We just comment ‘nice pic’.
Tagging someone, liking their picture and commenting “nice pic” does work..????

Is it necessary???

This is strange one side we comment ‘nice pic’ and another side we don’t want to give a minute to that particular person. We are in an era of a showoff. We don’t care about others, their feeling but in making our image better we like the picture and comment to that person. It’s all image building on social media. What is image building?  Well, this is another topic of Saaltysugar.

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