Change in Lifestyle due to COVID-19

Before 2020 our lifestyle is full of work, busy, schedules, business, jobs, studies, etc. Everyone is busy somewhere either in their jobs or in their business and those who have nothing are busy finding something to make themselves settled in life. And If someone was still not capable to settle themselves in life were preparing themselves for the future through studies. The summary is that everyone is happy with their struggling life, they were busy and don’t have enough time for family but still, they were happy. They were frustrated with their works but still, they were happy,

And then came 2020 carrying a deadly pandemic in their pocket for the whole globe named COVID-19″. The whole world is getting disturbed by this virus. As we all know it starts in December 2019 from Wuhan, China. In India, the first case of Coronavirus was detected in march 2020. And from that month the lifestyle of the whole country was changed completely. The government put a complete lockdown in the country for breaking the chain and stop this virus from spreading throughout the country as much as possible.

It was a good suggestion given by WHO to the world because that was the only step that may be beneficial in stopping COVID-19 then because there were not any vaccine and no one knows how dangerous this virus will be. At that time we don’t know what happens if someone is infected by it? Will he recover from it or he will die?

People don’t know what do to in this situation. The whole globe may never saw anything like that in the past 100 or 200 years. No one has any experience then, people started making rumors related to this, some are busy in forwarding the medicine of corona on WhatsApp where some are busy in giving the reason why the coronavirus comes in the world. Nevertheless, we can’t do anything for these types of peoples…


Now coming on the effects of this virus that change the lifestyle of humans. Coronavirus does not only affect the health or medical system of our country but its effects near about every department of our life. Remember when lockdown started in our country we don’t know what to do now. The whole country was stop for some time. Every field getting affected by it from IT sectors to railway, from school and colleges to other official works everything except medical and police department.

Everyone is now free, they have nothing to do now. So in starting we all started doing something in which we have interest but never have enough time to do, so that’s the perfect time for us to do. In beginning, we did whatever we want but after some time it’s all over. And then starts the most annoying and irritating time of this era, this was the time when the joy and happiness of living at the home and spending quality time with family ends, this was the time when everyone wants to get back on his daily routine because no happiness will last long forever, you have to come back on your track again. But unfortunately, this is not possible then, So what happens. Frustration, anxiety, anger, overthinking, and in the end, the love that was at its peak some days before was now transforming into cold debates and wars.





This is one side of life, the life of a middle-class person. On the other hand, the community that affects the most by this pandemic. as labor class, those who earn daily for their daily survival. Their whole life gets shut financially and mentally. This community contains small company workers, small shopkeepers, street sellers, and daily workers who have no particular place to work, they work wherever they got.

All these peoples mostly belong to small cities, so they travel to metropolitan cities in search of work. They left their home their family their everything just for their survival in the society is now workless because of this pandemic. They have now nothing neither work nor money nor any way to survive. Now they have the only way i.e to get back home but All public transport was blocked in the country so the only light of hope was also off for them. Some of them stayed there wherever they were while some of them prepare themselves and traveling to their homes on foot.

Lots of news we heard that any migrant worker reached his home by traveling 200km-300km and many more by foot but between all this news there is news that was also moving in media and social media that was how so many workers dies in the way while going back to home. So many emotional videos and photos were getting viral on social media that were made anyone cry. Millions of families are destroyed during this period that was living peacefully and happily sometime before.


Now let’s take another point, the point taken from a lower-middle-class family, if you have any knowledge about society then you must know that when anything happens in the country then the most affected class is the Lower middle class. And in this type of families they somehow able to maintain their respect and value among their family members. They never sit together and talk about their financial problems before, But now they are forced to do that, not only forced to talk but they were forced to do these types of work that they never think before just for their survival and basic needs. All because of this coronavirus. People were losing their self-respect among their families. And that gives birth to frustration, anger, blood pressure, and ultimately depression.

Lots more points and views I have to talk about like those who were suffering from another disease during lockdown still now also have to face so many problems because all the hospitals and nursing homes are now full of covid patients. We will talk about it next time otherwise becomes so long and then boring also to read. 


Now, in the end, I have to say that once Stephen Hawkins said that “Intelligence is all about accepting the change“. This covid is changed that. We have to accept it. We have to accept that keeping a distance from others is beneficial for us. We have to accept that taking mask and sanitizer with ourself keeps us safe. Because nothing is forever. One day corona will be considered as a small disease like fever and cold. All we have to do that we have to accept Eating healthy and homemade food will make our immune system strong until the vaccine will not come.

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