Do you know your limit?

According to the book “The Power of Your Subconscious mind“, We can categories our mind into two parts. One is Conscious and the other is sub-conscious. Our daily works performed under conscious mind but yet sub-conscious plays an important role & that tells about our limit. How? Let us understand.
Hey there, this is Anubhav & I am here with a new exciting article. So without wasting time let’s just get started.
Firstly, I am sorry for being late. The Internet is not working in my area that’s I was unable to post consistently. Anyway, I have a story for you guys.
Before coming on to the story, I would like to tell you the source of this story.

Source :

It was night around 11:50 pm and I was trying to sleep but can’t then my room partner Prashant asked me to tell a story to me may that help me to sleep. He was waiting for the refilling of his data because he already crossed his threshold limit.


Once, There was a well. Inside the well, there were many frogs live. Due to drought, the water level was very down. Now, It’s a Do or Dies situation in which if frogs wanted to live they must have to jump outside that well. Well is not much deep but still, it is not easy to jump outside.

So, to rescue their lives all frogs were trying hard. They all were gathered at a place and started jumping. Some of them were saying we could not jump as it’s too high. All frogs were trying hard but no one could jump outside the well.

There was a young frog sitting alone near to them. The frog was not able to listen but he was observing all the activities of them. He also tried once, he failed, he tried again and failed. He tried 2-3 times more but at the 5th attempt, he jumped outside that well. He jumped outside from that well in which most of the expert frogs were failed.


If any frog was not able to jump outside that well there were frogs who suggest to them that they could not jump and in 2-3 trials they limit themselves.
The frog had a disability of listening. When he failed in his first 4 attempts there was no one who could say to him that he could not as he was deaf. He had a strong eager to jump outside that well and save his life so he could.

We have the same story as the frog in our lives too but it’s up to you that what you want to be. Are you want to live like other frogs who listened to others and limit themselves or you want to be that frog who is deaf and don’t listen to others, he does what he wants and he has a belief that he can whatever is necessary to him. Remember “Nothing is Impossible”.


This all depends upon your subconscious mind. It is that part of the mind that is not helpful in taking any decision or respond to any situation. But it has limitless power. It has such an enormous amount of power that if anyone understands this he can easily get the things that he wants in his life. Well, that is the part of some another story. We will discuss that further.

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Till then, Have a great life!
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