A Message from Daughter Embryo to Humans

Hi Humans,

A message

Sorry, I think I am wrong you are not a human. Am I right? Yeah, absolutely right, at least humans can not do what you are doing with me. At least not that human who is made by God & who is known as the best creature of this Nature and even if you call yourself a human then I don’t want to live with you and your society. I am an embryo and now I have a wish to destroy myself. Why?

You are asking for the reason. OK, I have a reason for you. Not actually only one reason actually there are too many. Let us start it with some year back.

Women are just a thing for sex and household works. She had to follow your SATI PRATHA, PARDA PRATHA, and many more shitty rules. You didn’t give a chance to get an education to them well.

Today I understand the reason behind that and that is after being educated we will be better than you. It’s your fear or whatever a narrow-minded thought that you show us weak and dependent but that is not the same anymore today. We bear all that exploitation you had done and still, we are proving wrong to you that we are not weak in any field of this society. Either it is education or sport, even in Olympics 2016 both Indian medals were by us.

You continue with your hate and I always try to prove you that I am also a part of this world and as much as you have the right to live your life independently I have the same but still you are killing me before my birth.

Humanity at its peak

Now, Your humanity is on the topmost level, You raped a 25 years old me, You raped an 18-year-old of me, you raped 15 years and 11 years old of me and you all make an excuse that my dress is not proper and because of my inappropriate dress you so-called ‘Human’ do this mistakenly but what for the me who was just of 12 months and 3 years.

Is that time I had worn an appealing dress. Who are you to judge me on my clothes? Who gives you the right to do anything with the girl wearing any type of dress.

The best part is after all your sins I have to suffer. What is my fault that now after all your awful work I have to lose my pride, now I am unable to visit public places, now I feel ashamed on myself for what I am nowhere responsible, My entire life is in dark now and for all this, You are the reason.

I am feeling tired now and like I don’t have much power to suffer more. Don’t worry now you will not have to kill any baby embryo anymore.

Yes Congrats you won

I Quit…

Reference: Gol

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