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Escape 9-5 and live anywhere Part-1

Here’s the life cycle of a typical human: go to school, study hard, get a good job and have a family; continue working, save up for retirement then wait until you die. There is really nothing wrong with this arrangement if it’s something you enjoy. But a lot of people become disinterested few years into their jobs. They just feel like the job is sucking away their lives. They rarely have time for friends, family or any fun activities. Literally, they are stock.


Many people desire to break out of this prison, but only a few succeed at it  and it all boils down to the fear of the unknown. Who would want to lose their job if there’s no tangible hope of getting something that is better on the scales of time and freedom?


But, if you truly desire to have freedom to live the lifestyle you deserve, then I’ll explain you how it all works. The Eascape 9-5 and live anywhere is a lifestyle design that millionaire entrepreneur and podcaster, created for his personal life, and began teaching others once he successfully tested the effectiveness of his new approach to life.

Countless people all over the world have achieved the lifestyle design of their choice simply by understanding and implementing the strategies; and you’re about to join the number.


The New Rich (NR) is the name of the category of people who don’t wait for retirement to make things happen for themselves; these people have learned to defy the rules of the normal world and create a lifestyle design they enjoy. To join the NR league, you only have to start seeing things differently from others.


For the vast majority, retirement happens only when you’ve reached the age or have saved enough money to start a sustainable business. But the New Rich see things differently. They believe in creating mini retirements that enable them to cool off from work and have fun doing those things they love.


The New Rich don’t concentrate on becoming the boss or employee. Their goal is to become the owner and have others work for them.


They don’t see money as the major currency; time and mobility are.


The New Rich consider relative income above absolute income, because absolute income measures only the amount earned, whereas relative income measures the amount earned plus a more important variable: time.


If two people earn Rs.10,00,000 a year, but one is working 80-hours a week, while the other works 10-hours, who is richer? It’s definitely the latter because he has more time to explore other aspects of his life.

Escape 9 to 5 live anywhere and join the NR

Similarly, Deepak who earns Rs.18,00,000 a year working 80-hour weeks is not richer than Mukesh who earns Rs.10,00,000 annually working 6-hours weekly. The goal of the New Rich is not more work, more money and less time, but to work on jobs you like, outsource some business and have the time to enjoy the life you deserve.


You will be learning all the tactics you need in my upcoming post, but it is important you understand that living life on your own terms is really possible.


Of course, it’s natural to have fears and reservations here and there, so the next thing we will treat is how you can overcome your fears.

Afterwards, we dig into eliminating the baggage that will keep you from enjoying the new lifestyle design, then we go into income automation, and finally, liberation: how you can escape your office without regrets.


“Outside of science and law, all rules can be bent or broken, and it doesn’t require being unethical.”

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