Career Vs Friends – An Honest Talk

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On the last day of the first week of September, One of my friends had put a picture on his WhatsApp status. The picture had a quote on it that roughly means “when we getting mature & start taking our life and career seriously, we started losing the friendship.”

It’s hard but yes true. Isn’t it? Let’s discuss.

The conversation

I read that and asked him, “So, what should we choose?”

He replied, “A permanent one.”

I got a little confusion so I asked again, “What is permanent? Life or Friends?”

At the very first, he denied that anything is permanent. He said, “Both are temporary, nothing is permanent.”

Totally agree with him. Life is unpredictable we can’t guess what could happen at the very next moment of our life & similar goes with friends. Who is very close to us might not be in contact after some years and some new people might be friends of us.

Further, he added, “But the career is more important, it will not only improve our life but also the lifestyle of our family and upcoming generations”.

I agreed with him and I think you guys also agreed with him, but having no friends is actually undigestible. Friends have a separate role in our life and we just can’t ignore that here. So, I tried to defend friend.

I replied, “If friends are permanent, they must be with us?”

But the very next line shocked me when he replied, “Bro, It’s human nature if you are going one or more steps ahead from them they will not be with you. Maybe they do not express themself as your friend but heartly they are not.”

Later he added, “In case we both are succeeding together they might be with us.” He added a very famous line from a Bollywood movie 3 idiots,

“Dost fail ho jaye to dukh hota hai lekin dost top kr jaye to aur dukh hota hai.”

Translation – If a friend fails, we feel bad but if he/she tops we feel even worse.

This line hit me hard. I was thinking about my future plans with my friends and if we grow up in the future and achieve what I wish, but due to race of success I lost those friends then what’s the point to get succeed. I accept that family is my responsibility and i will definitely do that but without the friends, I can’t imagine my life.

So, I decided to research this. I googled and study some of the top results. I found a mixed result.

Career Vs Friends

While talking about the career is something that values the most in one’s life. Everyone has some plans and some dreams to achieve but

Success is not a destination what we can achieve once, success is a journey that we can live.

To make this journey beautiful we need friends.

Generally, we misinterpret the term “friend”. We think those who spent a lot of time with us are our real friends.

Actually, the real friends are those who might not talk to you for months but whenever you will need them, they will be with you.


Now, if you look closer you can easily conclude that there is no need to go with only one. We can have both of them at the same time.

After all my research, I found friends are actually the one who lift us to grow more and the jealousy of being behind him might be there for some time only. When we grows we understand that we have money but we don’t have time and the real friends to celebrate that.

Being social help us to enjoy more and make our life easier. By social, I does not meant to be a social media freaks and nor with a very large circle of friends but a small and strong circle.

The final point is to make your career first, focus on your dream the real one will be there with you in the celebration of every small success and if someone leaves it’s ok to leave.

Thank you

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