Do you have a fear with death?

What is the thing that we fear most? ‘Death‘? Yeah, We live our lives in a manner using some safety measures to rescue ‘our life‘ in our whole life. While we know that ‘death‘ is the only truth. If anyone ‘born‘, he must have to ‘die‘ one day. So, Why we are rescuing our life? Why we have the fear of death?

Why we have the fear of death?

From the beginning of our life, we start learning & gaining knowledge by observing our surroundings. We have some likes and dislikes. We get attracted by some kinds of stuff and want to do that in our life but due to a race of success, we just postponed that to tomorrow & tomorrow, until we get the goals that society set for us.

Actually, in all these, we fear not from ‘death’ but we fear from ‘the things we want to do but haven’t done before the death’.

Regrets of life

There is a survey in a US Hospital in which around 90 peoples are involved. All of them have age above 60. All of them are asked to tell about their regrets in life. Most of them said that they don’t have regret ‘What they do in their life’ but ‘they have regret about the things that they don’t do’. They are unhappy because they never enjoyed the beautiful gift of God, ‘Life’.

Success and Failure
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From the very beginning of life, we are taught to get success first and then to enjoy life. All have thoughts that enjoyment can only be achieved after success but my dear success and failure are just like a game. In a game, if one person wins then others have to lose. All people can’t win at once. So, it is not right that the person who loosed today can’t enjoy his life today. Even failure teaches us which success never.

Today, you have too many goals and you have too many plans to live but you are waiting for the right moment but my friend, here is Anubhav advising you to live that moment now. If you have the things that you want, in what you are interested to do that in your life and you can do now but you are postponing that so please stop postponing now.

Do the things that you want because life is too short. Enjoy it today.

Everyone has a bright picture of life. All want to make it large but at this mid-stage, they can’t go back, you can’t go back. So, here is the advice. As you can’t just go back and make entry grand but if you change today onwards you can make a grand ending and as you know someone said,

All's well that ends well

Thank you

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