Migrant Workers are boon or bane for India

I know in the present time everyone is afraid of COVID-19, no one has an idea of what will happen to their life in the very next moment. Everyone is locked in his house and there is a situation of panic and fear everywhere. Now at this time where the whole world is fighting for his existence, every country is fighting for his culture, for his existence, at this panic time there is a cause in our country which blown everyone’s mind and that is Migrant Workers.

What are Migrant workers?

“The workers move from one place to another place in search of work”.


The above definition looks very simple to say but the pain behind this definition is so large we can’t even imagine.


Yes, this is right the worker which is curse at present time for everyone, when this COVID-19 is not in this scene the same worker is boon for everyone. If we go 4-5 months back, the so-called “society” does not even imagine of doing one thing without these “migrants”.

From making any house to fixing any small household things, working in factories to make daily uses things To deliver these things to right place, and many more. These works are only a few examples in which if you notice workers do all the work from small to large. These are the works where you can relate that how much these workers do hard work to make our life luxurious.


Around 4 crore migrant workers are there in India and their livelihood depends on daily works. Now because of lockdown, they don’t have any work and this makes it hard for them to survive.

Although when things will normal they again give their best to make our life luxurious. But at this time they need some help and when God gives us a chance to help these people WE STEP BACK not only back but also criticize these workers and saying that “Why they are moving from their place? They should not move to their village now.”



Are you serious? When I hear this type of argument I can’t imagine on what level toxicity is spread in this “society”. When the time comes where we all have to be united at one point to save our humanity, our people, we don’t even think a little about workers, their food, and shelter as well. Don’t forget when things will be normal, you will need them.



In my opinion, this pandemic not only destroys things but also at some point fixed the things. Yes, this situation fixed some problems like if this pandemic does not arise these workers don’t know what this society thinks about them, at least they know who thinks about them. At least their eyes are open from onward and we know ourselves as well that how selfish we are.

There is only a request for to you please use this dark time to help someone. At least for them who ease your work. If you can’t do anything, don’t criticize them.



And Yes we know our country has the capability to fight against this pandemic. So let’s come together and fight for our people.


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Post – Credit: Prabhat Singh

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