How you can make your personality better?

It is a very common question, How to judge someone’s personality? Or how we can say that our personality is perfect? or that is the person who has a very good personality. That is the person having a very bad personality. It’s hard to define it, right?  Mention not. This is Gufran here, discussing personality. Today you will get to know what is personality in reality and how it must be judged.


Let’s understand how we get to know that we have a good personality. If anyone likes our nature and behaviour on behalf of their perceptions they declare us that we are a owner of a good personality. If we are somewhere not as good as in their measures they called us rascals and told us that we have a very bad personality.

But sir, Wait for a second, I have a question. Who tells you everything completely and truely about me?

Maybe your answer is the person who is closest to me will tell you everything about me. Then, who is the one who is closest to you? Who is the one who knows everything about you? or Who knows every good and bad about you, every positive and negative about you?

The answer is no one except Yourself. No one in this world knows you better than yourself. The others only know about you are only those things that you wanted to let them know. And believe me, you never want that anyone gets to know anything bad about you or think anything bad about you. Then why you tell anything bad about yourself to anyone. You always try to maintain a good image in the society.

Then what about your bad side? Sir, if  I define or you define your personality yourself by listening or observing other’s reviews, then you will always a better person in society for everyone and for yourself too. And your dark side will disappear somewhere in you, that slowly taking control of your mentality and you will never get to know how bad you are. You started ignoring your mentality. You will be the master of an evil thought but you will not able to accept it. Why?

Because you are judging yourself from other’s observations and reviews towards you. What you are in reality is always a mystery for you and is never gonna known by you. What’s the solution?


So, the solution is that stop judging your personality on other’s reviews. You know yourself how good or how bad you are and smartness is that you improve your personality and thoughts based on your observations. Observe what you are doing or what you are thinking is right or wrong.

I promise one day you become a master of a perfect personality. A personality that may be bad in someone’s views but never be bad in reality. Because it’s a bitter truth of the society that you can’t make happy to everyone. So, it is better to make yourself happy first.




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