What is right motivation and how it can change your life?

“Life is a race, If you don’t run fast you will lose”.  Since childhood, we are listening to these types of lines’ in motivation. You can go to any motivational blog also. Where you can easily find the lines. ‘Go for Success only’, ‘Never face failure’ and all that. But, is this really the right thing? and this really helps them in their future? I think no.

Lack of Right motivation


In today’s time, everyone calls himself a philosopher and always ready to give you a huge lecture on a random topic because they feel being a philosopher or giving lectures in front of peoples makes them smarter. So everyone is now trying to be smart and in their these efforts the level of motivation is continuously decreasing at a rapid rate. People are getting disappointments as they are failing at their work after taking motivation from everywhere. 

Nowadays, We all are struggling to find the right motivation for improving our future, but we don’t even know which type of motivation we want and how can we get the right motivation.

Hello everyone I am Gufran, If you are also searching for the right meaning of motivation, you are right place. Here I am going to discuss all the topic related to motivation like- what is right motivation, sources of motivations, rumors related to motivation etc,
So let’s start.

What is Right Motivation

Everyone wants to be successful in his life, and no doubt for this everyone gives their best but some breakers(problems) sometimes affect the journey of success and brake the person completely. In this situation, everyone wants their journey of success to get back on track and for this, he wants the right motivation.

But, what is the right motivation? It is that in which after listening you understand, “What you have to do and how you have to do”. These 2 statements play a very important role in making someone’s carrier, and if any motivational blog or article helps you to understand these 2 things in your life then it is the right motivation. Motivation is not about only telling someone that you can do anything or everything is possible in life etc. It’s all about how to make anything possible in life, How to overcome your previous loss and start your journey again with an effort that is better than ever before.

Every motivational speech and quotes are related to a particular field or department, For better results, you should have to know what is your need, which type of motivations you can relate from your present situation. If you are suffering from business loss and you are reading relationships quotes then the quote is still right in its own place but you are not in the right place.

Source of Motivation

There are infinite no of sources available for motivation, all we have to do is just to utilize that in the right manner. If you look back in your life or read the biography of any person you may see that sometimes people got their motivation from where they never even think about it. According to me, motivation doesn’t need any source, Sometimes we ourselves become the best motivator for ourselves. If we sit alone in a silent place and start thinking about our life and try to find out the wrong things that affect our lifestyle and then promise ourselves to make things right again, then I think it works as the best motivation for any person in the world.


Another good source for motivation is reading the biographies and autobiographies of successful persons related to your niche which will give you the right things that you should follow to achieve your goals.

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Get motivation from Yourself

You know what one of the biggest lack that we underestimate and then it harms us too much. To get some motivation and sympathy we tell our problems to others but they may use it as a backup in the future. So, in my point of view, try to avoid talking about your problems with anyone. Do this individually as much as possible. Because when you solve your problem individually you become strong to solve some type of problem in the future too. Maybe your motivator is only today with you not tomorrow then you will need someone. It’s better to stand on your own feet. At last, all I conclude that the struggle of others is there what you can do just watch it with the eye of a student. 

You may read once in your school that

Nature is the best teacher

Try to learn from it and try to do self discussions because as I say in the previous topic that

Finally, the last thing that I want to say is that “Life is not a race where you have to run fast and just won it. Life is like a stage where you have to perform in your own style not for winning the race but for winning the hearts. So wait for your turn on stage and gives a memorable performance.

-Thank you

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