Do you have friends?

You are my friend, he is my friend, all of you are my friends. In this world of Social media influencer, we have a lot of friends. We have a large number of followers on our Instagram and Twitter handles.  But my friend a greater number of followers and friends list on social media does not ensure that you have a lot of friends. Really? How?

My name is Anubhav and I am here with another exciting article. Let’s get started.

If I ask you, “Do you have a friend”? All of you will have the answer, “Yes, I have many friends.” Today, When I see around to me, I find there are many youths think that they all are friends whom they are hanging out with, with whom they are joking and laughing. You think you are happy with somebody & you are sharing something among a group of people assures that they all are your friends But for what if they have an agenda in life & they are with you because they want something with you & when their needs end they left you. So, remember everyone is not your friend.


The word friends come from a European word ‘FREUND‘ means ‘TO LOVE‘. A person who is with you not only in good but at bad times as well. A good friend is not who disappear your problem, a good friend is one who does not disappear when you have a problem. A good friend is not who tells you only good things about you. It is better to walk alone than with a thousand clones.

Today, when all things are good with you, you have peoples hanging out with you, laughing and joking but what if your bad days come? Do they stay with you at that time?

Two friends for twenty-year are far better than twenty friends for two years. Keep in mind, “the circle that is smaller and denser that is stronger and unbreakable “. Whenever you are hanging with them, wasting your time & thinking that you will smart you will not get loose but my friend you are loosing ‘your time’. The time which is never gonna come back.

It is that time in which you can recognize the inner power inside you. The only thing that you should do is to recognize that.  The best friend is the one who is always with you from birth to eternity is ‘You‘. Yes, invest your time to find the real ‘You‘ because you have some special power hidden inside yourself.

Choose your friends wisely because friends and books are two things which taught you the real things in life.

Now, I am giving you another chance to think again & answer my question, ” Do you have a friend ?”

Well, tell me your answer in the comment section.

Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thank you

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